The pillow: the backbone of the bed

Innovative Kissen zeigt die Heimtextil in der komplett ausgebuchten Halle 8.0.

Heimtextil shows innovative pillows in halle 8.0 which is already fully booked.

A modern cold-foam mattress with ergonomic zones on a special slat base in an elegant bed made of solid wood; on top, a snug, high-quality feather duvet in a soft mulberry silk cover. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But where do the pains in the neck and shoulders come from every morning? Why do I feel so tired and irritable? After all, I spent so much time and energy on finding the right combination in which I feel really comfortable … >>>


New&Next: Heimtextil presents the new generation of designers


Spotlight on young design at Heimtextil

Surprising, individualistic and forward-looking: The forthcoming Heimtextil is set to feature refreshingly inspiring and innovative textile developments, presented by young companies. This international trade fair has a special platform for start-up companies, putting the spotlight on the next generation of designers. Running under the heading New&Next, the newcomers’ platform will be full of creative product ideas for bathroom, bedroom and dining table textiles. >>>


What makes a good duvet?


An overview in terms of healthy, innovative bedding supplies for Heimtextil hall 8.

Light and airy in the summer, warm and snuggly in the winter, that is the definition of the perfect duvet. This is easy to say, but for many people the search amongst the plethora of duvets on offer for the right one for them will end in vain. A bed is the nest to which we return each day. To enjoy sleep everything needs to be right. Sleep is lifestyle – and hardly ever before has it been possible to design sleep as individually as it is today. An overview in terms of healthy, innovative bedding supplies for Heimtextil hall 8 with the best booking status for years.



A garden full of ideas: “Let it grow”

Anne Marie Commandeur and Ari Vervelde in "their" garden

The consciousness of the protection of nature, the earth and natural ressources has to grow. Therefore the team of this installation choose a garden as a symbol for growth in general. The “Green Exhibition – Let it grow” in Hall 11.1. on the entry facing the “Portalhaus” presents vital and bright colours. Here you can see hometextiles that have been produced sustainably. Exhibitors were invited in a public tender to send in a product that would meet the requirements of sustainability. The choice can now be seen in the garden of the “Green Exhibition – Let it grow”. It shows very well that this kind of textiles don’t need to be beige, brown or grey in colour. No, bedware, towels or carpets can be made in bright colours. And consumers can buy and use them with a good conscience. >>>


Bedwares: Have you ever slept in Soja?

NEW: natural fiber duvet made of soja from "billerbeck"

Sustainability for a good rest: with the new natural fibre duvet SONCHAI, “billerbeck” – the bedding company from the Kraichgau/Germany, presents an absolute novelty. After one year and a half of development, they now succeeded in producing a filling on the basis of ecological soya plant fibre. In terms of fineness and softness it gets close to cashmere. The filling consists 100 percent of ecological soya protein fibres and is fully recyclable. The classy satin cover is produced without the use of optical brighteners. >>>