2nd House of Textile competition

Entries from students invited until 15 May

By the end of March students of the 2017/2018 winter semester submitted their entries for the first round of the House of Textile competition, the winners of which will be announced at the Heimtextil trade fair in January 2019. Students from six universities are taking part in the project, which is being organised for the whole of Germany by the Association of the German Home Textiles Industry (Verband der Deutschen Heimtextilien-Industrie e.V. – HEIMTEX).

Students of architecture, interior architecture and textile design have until 15 May to enter the second round of the competition. Ten interior concepts and five textile-design products will be selected by the jury and presented at Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt.

Since the project began, it has been possible to follow the students’ creative process and the concept phase in the blogs on the project home page. “It is fascinating to see the widely differing approaches taken by the students to the task and which ideas they pursue or reject”, says HEIMTEX Director Martin Auerbach. “We are delighted with the variety and innovativeness of the ideas and looking forward to seeing which proposals the jury select to be presented at the next Heimtextil.”

In the blog, House of Textile patron and ambassador Marty Lamers also offers insights into his creative perspective and gives tips for students on how to stay calm during the creative sprint on the final stretch: “If you remain receptive, some really good things come even at the end. Of course, students must learn to work well. However, I always say, kill your darlings, even if you have worked on them for six months. Naturally, it is particularly hard to let them go at that stage …” says the Amsterdam-based interior designer.

Further information: www.house-of-textile.com

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