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Unverzichtbar für gesunden Schlaf: Gute Bettdecke, Kissen und Bettwäsche

Important for a good night’s sleep:  good duvet, pillow and bed linen.

The bedroom is not only the most intimate part of the home but also the place where the interaction of comfort and sustainability plays the biggest role. Therefore, a great deal of space is once again being set aside for this subject in Hall 8 at the coming Heimtextil. The focus is on the bed. However, a good bed is not everything.

Even the best bed ceases to be so attractive if the combination of the cosy-triad elements, i.e., duvet, pillow and bed linen, is not perfect. This begins with colour and design because the visual impression has a great impact on the feeling of well-being. The duvet and pillow should not only feel good. They should also fulfil other functions. The wide variety is no accident and the retailer’s aim must be to help consumers find their way through the proverbial product jungle so they emerge with exactly what they need. To this end, specialist knowledge and well-honed advisory skills are essential.

The more important the home is for people, the greater importance they attach to subjects such as quality and sustainability – and they expect more than just advertising claims. People are slowly but surely becoming aware of the importance of sleep, which is what we do for a good third of our lives. It is a false economy to cut costs in this field. Healthy and relaxing sleep provides energy for the day and ensures mental balance. A good pillow is an essential adjunct to the mattress and base, and rounds off not only the feeling but also the ergonomics of laying down.

The duvet must suit the user. It must be light for people who perspire a lot, and vice versa. Although bed climate is an important buzzword, there is no optimum solution. The choice of duvet is governed by a variety of factors, including personal preferences, the location of the bedroom, the room temperature, the time of year, etc., as well as the material of the bed linen. Cotton continues to be ‘in’ and developments are still being made in this field. Satin and silk are not only popular because they are considered to be luxury fabrics but also because they are more flexible in use than cotton and because, as high quality products, they offer an unmistakably sensuous feeling on the skin.

Whenever the subject turns to the bed and bedding, the primary concern is a good night’s sleep. Over the coming weeks and months, I will discuss aspects of this subject and selected products in this new section of the Heimtextil Blog and am already looking forward to seeing all the new products and ideas at the coming Heimtextil.

Gerrit Wustmann

Stefan Jakob

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