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bed: digital printing is making inroads

The bedding industry focused on health, comfort and a better sleep experience in their new products at Heimtextil. In particular, they focused on sleeping products to help sleepers find the right level of coolness, warmth, airiness or tension relief for the spinal column. Multi-zone bed covers guarantee an even heat sensation across the whole body. Ergonomic topstitching supports an optimal sleeping position.

A sensuous sleeping experience is ensured by covers and pillows that smell as though they have been freshly washed or of Marseille soap – or contain microcrystals in the outer materials that release aphrodisiac substances such as cinnamon, ginger and ylang ylang when rubbed. You can travel around the world with the new bedding collections: Asian watercolours, the fauna of Australia, Indian mandalas, European botany, African shapes and colours and the red of the evening sunset in the American canyons have all inspired current design ideas. A strong theme is colour gradients and kaleidoscope décors.

In the graphics segment, block stripes and checks are redefined. Digital prints offer a wide range of varying motifs and are characterised by detailed panneaux prints with a reverse side in a coordinating colour, which is sometimes decorated with a small pattern itself, and matching pillows.

In the premium segment, elegant damask and jacquards made from cool poplin, silk or silky cotton satin based on the finest yarns of 100 g/sq.m dominate. Any prints you see in this segment will be lovingly created motifs such as colourful feathers in a twelve-tone stencil print. If you prefer it casual and cool, go for the new washed relaxed linen fabrics.

Animal hide can be found in many forms in the new blankets – as an extravagant allover or smart detail, although not in their original form, but in altered form in terms of colour. With fine natural hair such as cashmere, alpaca, mohair and super fine lambswool, the look of the material is the focus. To suit this approach, the design and colours are more reserved and distinguished and include cable stitch, houndstooth, chevron and checks. Plains are either mottled or offered in a high-quality version with Oriental patterned silk linings. Summer covers radiate pure zest for life in vibrant designs in fresh and fruity colours. Digital printing is also making inroads here with photo-style depictions of blooming lavender fields and exotic worlds.

Claudia Weidt

Stefan Jakob

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