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Through intelligent material choice, the Heimtextil team and Trend Council believe it is possible to create an immersive forum with a minimal footprint. This means finding alternatives to new materials where possible, thus avoiding excess waste when the exhibition closes.

The new Material Manifesto developed by Heimtextil and the international Trend Council outlines a tailored approach for managing resources when concepting and building the Trend Space. It’s available in full online, while event visitors can also access it easily by using their phone to scan a QR phone when present in the Trend Space. It focuses on six key principles:

● Use local resources, equipment and services
● Use environmentally friendly material alternatives
● Use existing stock components
● Use rented and loaned materials
● Manage waste responsibly
● Design for recyclability

The intention behind the Material Manifesto is echoed in other installations within the Trend Space. One of five themes in this season’s offering, the Pure Spiritual trend addresses a renewed bond with nature. Meanwhile, visitors can also explore the Future Materials Library, which showcases sustainable material innovation while considering the social and environmental impact of each sample.

Harm Rensink from the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam is sifting through the Messe Frankfurt warehouse. What can be used again to save material?
Stefan Jakob

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