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Many of the phases in the conventional manufacture of textiles are often environmentally damaging. The industry generates around 20% of global CO2 emissions and on average, a person throws away their own body weight in textiles every two years. Aizome counters this with its purely plant-based bedding.

‘In Japan, we treat skin irritation or wounds with the indigo plant because it has a healing effect’, explains Misa Muto, Co-Founder & Head of Customer Satisfaction at Aizome Bedding based in the USA. This is why the ‘New & Next’ company has opted to dye its organic cotton bedding using this plant. So far, there are only two colours in the Aizome range: an unbleached beige and a light indigo blue. The team is international: the co-founders live in Munich and another founder colleague lives in Delaware, USA. The organic cotton they use comes from China and this is also where products are manufactured. ‘Similar to the Japanese, the Chinese are well acquainted with the effects of medicinal plants and their use, e.g. in dyeing’, says Misa. Aizome customers can test their bed linen for six months and if they are not satisfied, the start-up will take them back. And if any defects become apparent during normal use, sheets and duvet covers will also be taken back. ‘The best way to protect our world is to buy environmentally friendly products that last a long time’, Misa continues. As the bed linen has a minimalist design, it will fit seamlessly into every home and can easily keep up with fashion trends. You can find more Aizome in hall 12.0 at stand D35.

Kerstin Böhning

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