Algemene: Upholstery fabrics from Belgium

Aktueller Bestseller von Algemene Belgien

The 2014 bestseller of Algemene Belgium

This company from Belgium has been in existence since 1923 and has been run for a long time as a family enterprise. Some time ago, it was taken over by Luc Callens and Partners and is successfully continuing the tradition of fabric manufacture. The assortment is destined for textile editors and wholesalers and, in particular, furniture manufacturers. There are heavy brocades and light satins and, in between them, an equally high-quality range that sells all over the world. The intercultural differences in taste have become quite enormous, Luc Callens reports. But there are material designs, he says, that are equally popular everywhere. The materials by Callens are a particular favourite with the Chinese, who buy them on account of their extremely high level of quality. Otherwise, 50 percent of the products go to Europe and the other half to the USA and Asia. Algemene has a flexible corporate policy as far as quantity and design are concerned, and can therefore also respond to very specific inquiries. The key phrase here is coupon business. In the language of colours and patterns, Algemene’s designers are guided by the international fashion trends. The intervals at which fashion impacts on the domain of home textiles are becoming increasingly shorter. Where previously a year would pass, today the speed at which trends move from one segment to another takes three to six months. All of Algemene’s fabrics are manufactured in Belgium.

Algemene is exhibiting in Hall 4.1, Stand E 89.

Kerstin Böhning

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