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diSH cushion collection: there is always a reason to smile!

diSH stands for delicious home decor. The debut collection of diSH is being presented in hall 11.0, both A 16. The designs are so positive and beautiful that they make everybody smile – which is very important these days. Business sometimes is serious, and it needs to be, but smiling is important, too! “When i moved from India to Germany it was winter, and it was dark and cold. I said to myself, that a little smile here and there would do some good. It lets the sun shine in your soul”, says Sunanda Halder, the textile designer behind diSH. She is leading the company as a cooperation with Diva USA/Palette Designs in New York. And yes,the idea to make people smile was so strong, that the debut collection works with this subject – directly or indirectly. The freshness of these designs derives from the right mixture of humor and irony. What a beautiful combination! The essence of diSH is a young and modern design for cushions, which are to be sold in department stores or interior chain stores. “We kept the base material very simple: 100% cotton and added a bit of spice to it”, says Sunanda Halder – and this makes her originally Indian heart beat. Each cushion is beautiful used as a solitair – but they are getting more beautiful if they are combined in a mixture of all these colorful designs. The special message of one design is “do what you love (heart) love what you do”. This is what you feel, when you talk to Sunanda Halder.

Contakt: www.sunandahalder.com/dish




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