‘Ambitious Style Mix’ by the Frankfurt Apparel School

At Heimtextil 2015, 11 students of the Design Department of the Frankfurt School for Apparel and Fashion show how kitchen towels, bed linen, sofa covers and shower curtains can be turned into fascinating traditional ‘dirndl’ dresses. This is the third time that Heimtextil and the Apparel School have joined forces. And a good two dozen Heimtextil exhibitors have contributed their products for this breath-taking project. For them, it is undoubtedly a matter of pride and pleasure to rediscover their products in these wonderful dresses.‘Ambitious Style Mix’ visualises interpretations of traditional ‘dirndls’, which are directly associated with concepts of homeland and identity. Homeland is timeless, popular and also embodies a primeval longing. Against the background of ever-increasing mobility and declining tendency to remain settled in one place, it is essential that homeland, which also stands for authenticity and regionality, has a positive flavour.

‘Ambitious Style Mix’ focuses on this aspect. A daring combination of styles, the use of new fabric combinations and the dismantling of traditional silhouettes results in unusual and exciting perspectives revolving around a rich and intensive range of colours and textures. Innovative bi-colours, brilliant multi-colour print designs and plastic, three-dimensional structures merge to create a wild and expressive style mix.

What is to be seen here certainly represents an improvement on the traditional ‘dirndl’ dress.

You can’t miss ‘Ambitious Style Mix’ in Hall 11.0.


Kerstin Böhning

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