An elegant dress for the box-spring bed

Boxspring-Bettsystem des Herstellers Brinkhaus

Brinkhaus luxury lifestyle box-spring bed

There are some trends that can hardly be predicted and some that make a statement, which is initially taken with a pinch of salt, but then gather unstoppable momentum. And this holds true in the bedroom, too. The box-spring or divan bed is a typical statement trend. It is only a few years ago that leading manufacturers from the US, Scandinavia and, to a certain extent, Great Britain entered the German market.

The beds are big and voluminous – the exact opposite to the understatement common in Europe. And, for a long time, they were regarded as beds for the well-off. Thousands of springs sheathed in high-grade natural materials, such as camel hair, cashmere or pure new wool from rare breeds, are combined with hand-made mattresses. Comfort of this kind has its price. However, it was the visual impact of such beds that became their unique selling proposition. And, within a short space of time, both renowned and little-known bed manufacturers from all over the world jumped on the bandwagon and began including box-spring beds in their ranges. Although these products were often not up to the standard offered by established manufacturers, they were good enough to bring the typical bed-spring look into German bedrooms.

The trend continued. Box-spring rules – both on this side of the Atlantic and south of Scandinavia, and this despite the fact that popular box-spring beds did not do so well in a test conducted recently by Germany’s consumer organisation, ‘Stiftung Warentest’. However, the beds tested were in the price segment of significantly less than € 4,000 while, in the case of the brands mentioned above, it is not unusual to pay over € 10,000 for a bed. The reasons for the poor results included an unsatisfactory bed climate – a subject that the Sleep Campaign Team will discuss in detail at the coming Heimtextil 2015. High mattresses with no slat base means the beds are poorly ventilated so that moisture can gather and hollows form quickly. In many cases, they are too soft and one sinks into the bed too deeply, which is also sub-optimal in terms of the sleep climate.

This has had no negative impact on sales. And it is also not the rule. Naturally, mattress ventilation on all sides is easier using the classic system of slat base and mattress on top. However, the manufacturers are learning from initial errors and beginning to integrate ventilation elements into the mattress itself, as in the case of some foam mattresses.

Today, the buzzword ‘box-spring look’ is not restricted to the bed-system itself but is also used in the textile sector where bed linen, covers and accessories for box-spring beds emphasize the feeling of luxury and elegance. The designs range from subdued colours, via restrained stripes or patterns, to floral motifs. This means it is also easy to rejuvenate a cheaper divan bed with the help of a variety of different colours, materials and technologies – because new manufacturing processes, such as digital printing and combinations of breathable and skin-friendly micro-fibre fabrics, are now being used in this segment, too.

Gerrit Wustmann

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