Architecture: augmented reality is booming!

The modern technology everyone’s talking about

The hype about augmented reality (AR) continues unabated. Indeed, it is increasing and penetrating all segments.

Recently, BMW announced a Snapchat campaign, in which customers can experience the new BMW X2 using VR before the car is launched. Apple is apparently working on an AR headset that will work without smartphone support. Ebay launched its first VR shop together with the Australian Myer chain in 2016.

But what does this boom mean for architects?

More and more businesses are showing interest in this new technology, e.g., Austria’s FunderMax, a company focusing on facades, interior fitting and furniture. The plan is to use augmented reality to visual facades taking account of factors such as weather, season and light incidence. Using modern digital technology, end customers will be able to see what the finished project will look like before work on their project has started, reports ‘Industriemagazin’. The app made its debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last spring.

Virtuality is already reality

As previously reported, one in three Germans will own virtual-reality glasses by the end of next year. This means not only changes in Germany’s urban landscape but also in the architecture sector.

As an architect, you cannot afford to rely solely on tried and tested working processes but should see new technologies such as AR as an opportunity to be among the front runners when it comes to digitalisation. Accordingly, we call on you to equip yourself, and be sure you have a role to play in the future, too.

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Der FINEST INTERIOR AWARD wurde kreiert um die Arbeit von Architekten, Innenarchitekten und feinen Ausstattern zu ehren. Er will dem wachsenden Bedürfnis nach individueller, professioneller Objekteinrichtung Rechnung tragen. Der diesjährige kommunikative Themen-Schwerpunkt des FINEST INTERIOR AWARD ist die Digitalisierung der Realität. Wie wirken sich Virtual Reality und Augmented Reality auf Architektur, Innenarchitektur und Raumausstattung aus? Welche Veränderungen des Berufsbildes sind damit verbunden? Und was haben Konsumenten eigentlich davon? Diesen und weiteren spannenden Fragen geht der FINEST INTEROR AWARD in seinen Gastkommentaren unter dem Motto „What’s real?“ nach.


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