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Virtual property inspections jointly with clients

Nowadays trade fairs, showrooms and architects’ offices need no longer be gloomy spots but are becoming places of immediate experience for customers and business partners.

Imagine you have fully planned the ideal detached family house, and the young family who are moving into the building can visit it in advance and experience it in full immersion. Imagine you are collaborating with a fine interior decorator and through the angle of light-fall, which you program virtually, you give the high-quality materials of the sofa landscape an even better preview. And imagine you can demonstrate perfectly your architectural masterpieces at a trade fair by means of virtual reality and show them in a way which is close to reality.

All this is already possible through new computer technologies, and the limits to the presentation of architectural projects are becoming ever less.

The real and virtual worlds: hand in hand
An inspection with the client not only lessens the planning risk, as already reported, but lifts your work to a quite new, emotional level: the happy anticipation of the building project as it will be when it is ready for moving in. In many areas, such as those of the automotive or clothing industry, cars can be test-driven, clothes and suits worn to try them out. Why not also have a test stay in flats or houses, or try test-working in Offices?

Secure your place in your industry
Architects must prepare themselves to ensure they still play a role in future. Through creativity, openness to the new digital possibilities, and collaboration with other disciplines, such as programmers and VR/AR designers, the hurdles – to placing oneself in today’s world – will become ever lower. You too, as an architect, can be in the forefront and set a benchmark for your Profession.

Visit the next Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main from 9 to 12 January 2018, at which we of the Finest Interior Award shall be asking the great question: “What’s real?”

Photo: Daniel McCullough


FINEST INTERIOR AWARDThe FINEST INTERIOR AWARD was created to honour the work of architects, interior architects and interior decorators and take account of the growing demand for individual and professional contract furnishing. The communicative focal point of this year’s FINEST INTERIOR AWARD is the digitalisation of reality. What impact are virtual reality and augmented reality having on architecture, interior architecture and interior decoration? What changes do they imply for the job descriptions of these professions? And what benefits are they likely to have for consumers? The FINEST INTEROR AWARD will tackle these and other interesting questions in its guest commentaries under the motto ‘What’s real?’.
The award will be presented on the eve of Heimtextil in Frankfurt. During the fair, there will be an information featuring the winners in the foyer of Hall 4.0.


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