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Trend: transformative travel and new experiences of nature

Many people suffer from a lack of contact with nature in their regimented, digitally controlled everyday lives. They make efforts to combat the negative effects of a comfortable lifestyle, seek inspiration deep within and are keen to acquire new experiences. In practical terms, this means pushing the boundaries, physically and/or mentally – and this is perceived, at an emotional level, as ultimately enriching in the long term; it gives us, as human beings, a greater sense of being in contact with ourselves, with others and with our roots.  

The Chosen Experience – Travel that encourages mindfulness
The travel company, ‘The Chosen’ has developed a programme of trips, grouped under the heading ‘The new more’, that is designed for an educated, global community, looking for something more than just working through a ‘bucket list’. Alongside the specific spirit behind the selection of destinations, the focus is very much on a journey to find oneself. Fitness, diet and mindfulness are the cornerstones of the enterprise. Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and a well-stocked library are indispensable elements. Touch, taste, the capacity for sensual experience, the physical body and memory all need to be trained and strengthened. These trips are offline; smartphones have to be abandoned. Only that way, says the organisation, can one appreciate the experience, together with others, as long-term inspiration. It is, therefore, desirable to go beyond one’s comfort zone and to try new things, be that new recipes or different sports, mind-training or sensory experiments. All the programmes are designed to throw up new perspectives for our everyday lives and provide stimulating new ideas for the future personal development of the participants.

A taste for the primaeval – VILD MAD
VILD MAD = wild food
Living in unison with the natural environment, foraging, tasting, increasing awareness, getting into contact with nature, assimilating and, at the same time, protecting the fragile ecosystem: NOMA head chef, René Redzepi, and the Organisation ‘MAD’ have developed an app called VILD MAD. ‘VILD MAD’ is Danish for ‘wild food’ and is an extensive, free resource, which enables people to experience nature through food from the wild. It is all about discovering tastes and ingredients through the full use of one’s senses and about respect for basic foodstuffs. A homage to sustainable harvesting, seasonal cooking and healthy preparation, accomplished with passion. The app exists in Danish and English; there is also a website and a programme of study for Danish schools and nutrition workshops all over Denmark. VILD MAD seeks to be a pioneering project for other countries, too, and to provide inspiration for international chefs, farmers and companies alike. MAD, a non-profit organisation, is a dynamic global community, embodying a social conscience, a sense of humour and an appetite for change.

Products such as those offered by Chosen Experiences and VILD MAD are examples of the trend for greater engagement with the true nature of human beings. Relating this trend to interior design, the Franklin Till design studio, who are responsible for researching the Heimtextil Trends, have coined the overall title of ‘Go Off-Grid’.

You will find more information on ‘Go Off-Grid’ and the four other Heimtextil Trends at Heimtextil in the Trend Space, Hall 3.0 and in the Trend Book, which is already available to be ordered online.

Nina Jung

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