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Welther Wandunikate for uniquely personal life style

Over recent years wall design has become increasingly important in the context of holistic interior room concepts. Colours, wallpapers or panels offer a plethora of design possibilities. Founded 30 years ago by Ulrich Welter, ‘Wandunikate Welter’ is an exclusive manufacturer of products for the walls that surround us and for their sumptuous adornment.

The company is based in Bülowstraße, Berlin-Schöneberg and creates exceptional one-off products for luxurious living and a uniquely personal life style. Ulrich Welter has always defined rooms as the backdrops of life. Experimenting with unusual materials, structures and techniques, he works with his design team to create products that display vertically and which are tailored specifically to the wishes and expectations of discerning clients. Whether for private customers or larger buildings, each project is based on an individual concept that is unusual in the sense that it is distinct and offers the promise of a special visual and also sensual experience.

It is no surprise, therefore, that this Berlin-based manufacturer counts famous fashion names like Chanel amongst its reference clients. Chanel was looking for an innovative, avant-garde surface for the walls, furniture and displays of its stores worldwide. Welter took the typical Chanel colours of black, white and gold to create breathtaking compositions using, amongst other materials, precious gold leaf and sparkling glass beads.

Indeed, precious metallic gold and copper leaf are two of the most frequently used materials at Welter. Laid by hand on the lengths of wallpaper, they have a striking, softly shimmering look. Expression comes in a multitude of possibilities – single gloss colours, authentic patina or opulent ornamentation. In addition, special manufacturing processes give the wallpapers an unusual depth. Another truly special product is the application by hand of a craquele-like surface effect to wall panels. Although this is an extremely lengthy manufacturing process, the viewer is gripped by amazing 3D effects it creates.

There seems no end to their idea creation. The Heimtextil trade fair in January will see the introduction of the innovative, so-called chameleon beads. These patented wall products change colour continuously depending on the light and the position from which they are viewed and the effect they create in the room is simply fascinating. The ingredients are quite simple: glass beads on an aluminium substrate. Not that they are giving more away, of course.

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