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"Sleep tight!" - Clear designs for a better rest: Collection Sabine Stiegler, Munich

The design is classic, elegant and pared down. When it comes to fabric quality, only the best will do; for her hand-made bed linen, which can also be ordered tailor-made, Sabine Stiegler uses only the very finest Egyptian cotton which she has woven into 600-thread count jacquard in Northern Italy. The bed linens are made in a small manufacturing firm in Germany. There, the Sabine Stiegler Collection is also produced in small batches and according to customer specifications. “The individual and high-quality nature of our bed linens is what sets us apart. My designs are minimalist so that they will still be treasured in years to come. And it means that adding just a few complementary pieces can breathe new life into them again and again,” says the designer. The jacquard weave lends the linens a soft dual tonality. Either colour can be brought to bear depending on the mood to be created. Needless to say, Sabine Stiegler’s collection offers patterned pieces as well. The designer believes that people rest better surrounded by a peaceful “bed image” rather than large-scale colourful patterns. New collections by Stiegler are designed so that they can be combined with earlier editions. Customers can opt to add “only” the latest versions of pillows to their existing selections. Plaids and wool blankets complement the sleeping arrangement. For retailers the Sabine Stiegler Collection offers a box with roughly 40 sample pillowcases to view and select with interested customers. The new collection can be updated with the latest pillowcases. “Our customers rightfully expect the best the market has to offer. We’re happy to give them just that. And my personal standards for design and quality mean that my customers will love their linens in ten years just as much as they do on day one,” says Sabine Stiegler. To make this a reality, she sometimes works for more than six months on a single colour. After all, her minimalist design requires every shade to be just right, the designer explains. Less is simply more and that is something that also lasts longer: the best quality for true sustainability – that is what Sabine Stiegler and her products stand for.

Kerstin Böhning

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