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New showcase in Hall 9.0

How would we like to live? How do we cater for our individual needs? Some people find happiness in a caravan in the countryside, others love sophisticated interior concepts. Some prefer pure and uncluttered design, others like to immerse themselves in highly decorated environments. These ideas and preferences are the subject of a showcase in Hall 9.0 at this year’s Heimtextil. Under the heading ‘Beyond Beautiful’, ‘Atelier ushitamborriello’, artist Stef van Looveren and Jan Alt, CEO of ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ joined forces with Heimtextil to develop inspiring installations.

Artistic-aesthetic presentations inspired by the 2019/20 Heimtextil Trends offer visitors the chance to enter three different thematic worlds: ‘Over the rainbow’, ‘Into the light’ and‘Out of the shadow’ stand for densely packed themes, contemplative alternatives in pure white and a cosy-sociable situation at a beautifully decorated dining table. The moments of ‘Beyond Beautiful’ are as multi-faceted and full of discontinuities as life itself, as are the individual answers to questions about ‘Beautiful Living’.

With its exhibition stand in Hall 9.0 (C08), ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ has also made a link to the ‘Beyond Beautiful’ showcase: the new CENTURIES collection for spring / summer 2019, offers questions and answers to those in the showcase. ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ and Heimtextil are offering an opportunity to gain inspiration and exchange ideas and opinions at a party, which begins at 17.00 hrs on Tuesday, 8 January, and at a press conference starting at 11.00 hrs on Wednesday, 9 January. At the press conference, Jan Alt, CEO of ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ and showcase designers Ushi Tamborriello (interior architect) and Stef van Looveren (artist) will present the creative concept of ‘Beyond Beautiful’.



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