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Wallpapers and curtains with tile styles and cut-outs

At Heimtextil 2019, suppliers such as A.S. Création, ATT Rotex, Rasch, Grandeco, Architects Paper and Galerie Limited inspired people to seek out new walls. In the “Window & Interior Decoration” area, visitors discovered various style worlds from exclusive-straightforward to pastel-dreamy in impressive presentations. In the case of motifs, graphic and geometric patterns in particular are slowly replacing floral designs.

New graphics for the wall
The looks of the wallpaper suppliers ranged from industrial and rustic-natural to sophisticated Art Deco, which also fits in well with the unmistakable renaissance of the peacock motif. The very haptic qualities, including wall, stone and plant looks, are and will remain in vogue. Designs from European metropolises, from London club chic to Amsterdam tile styles, for example from A.S. Création, provide fresh impetus.

Geometric metallic structures, for example, have an impressive effect. Oversized enlarged dots or plant details such as those to be found at Wallpera and Casadeco pop up in between and look fresh and colourful. Technical innovations can be found among almost all suppliers in the field of fire protection and odourless materials. However, cost-effective roller solutions as an alternative to complex digital printing, for example with Rasch, also ensure movement in the industry.

New curtains and blinds with material mix and patina
Exhibitors such as Apelt, Eustergerling, Heco, IFI Design, Saum & Viebahn oder Style Library fully exploited the creative strength of decorative textiles at the new Interior Decoration hotspot in hall 8.0. As part of impressive presentations, they immersed visitors in different style worlds. In line with the major trends, graphic designs dominated the picture here as well. These range from simple geometric patterns such as diamonds, checks and stripes to complex, multi-coloured optical illusions. The sophisticated mix of different yarns, weaves and materials plays just as important a role as the alternation between translucency and opacity: curtains and blinds exhibit openwork patterns, cut-outs and patina aspects. High-quality ‘patchwork carpets’ give rise to exciting, haptic creations with piles of different heights. Matching sofa and cushion covers are characterised by two-tone mottled and grippy structures.

Intelligent darkening systems such as those from Buchheister not only provide privacy but also become an attractive design element. Contemporary accents are provided e.g. by Kadeco. In the tradition of the Wabisabi, which particularly appreciates old elements, pleated blinds feature burnout, patina effects and the original fake leno weaving technique.

Nina Jung

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