Christian Fischbacher gives rooms personality

Camilla Fischbacher, Art Director bei Fischbaer St. Gallen, Schweiz

Camilla Fischbacher, Art Director at Fischbacher St. Gallen, Switzerland

Family-run Christian Fischbacher has been making luxurious and aesthetically outstanding home textiles since 1819. The company is based in St. Gallen, which has been a focal point of the Swiss textile industry since the 13th century. A love of detail, a deeply rooted passion for material quality and beauty, and the urge to bring together creative innovations to make fascinating products – a range of fabrics, carpets, duvets, pillows, bed linen and accessories perfect for lending personality to every room. And not just for a season but for a lifetime. We talked to Camilla Fischbacher, Art Director at Christian Fischbacher.

What are the unique selling propositions of Christian Fischbacher?
Christian Fischbacher is now in the sixth generation and has been run by the same family for 196 years. We see ourselves as having an obligation towards this tradition at the same time as keeping an open mind towards the future. In particular, we have high expectations of our production facilities and product quality.

What for you personally is the fascination of home textiles?
For me, this fascination thrives on my love of beautiful fabrics, with which we can create individual home worlds. In this way, living space becomes an expression of one’s personality – and a house becomes a home.

How do you go about breathing new life into a classic product such as bed line? Where do you find important design impulses?
I gain inspiration primarily by visiting European cities on the lookout for new designs. Bedding and bathroom accessories are part of everyday life. We use them constantly – they surround us. Even if we only change small aspects, by introducing new colourways, for example, this frequently has a great effect on an ensemble and opens up new creative options. Attending trend seminars is another good way of gaining new perspectives and insights. Inspiration is everywhere!

Do you work with outside designers?
No, we at Christian Fischbacher have our own design studio.

Upcycling? Recycling? Is there anything to say about this from your point of view?
We launched our Benu Recycled Collection five years ago. The idea behind this collection is to employ used materials, such as PET bottles and wool fabrics from worn clothing, to make high-grade furnishing fabrics. Our Benu designs have been selected for numerous awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award.

What new products will your company be showing at Heimtextil 2015?
We are preparing a revival of our classic Garden Party collection and will present a completely new range of bed linen in the CF by Christian Fischbacher line. It has been created to make our live lighter and more enjoyable – inspired by the joy we experience in the very simple moments of life.

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