Close to the customer with a multi-channel solution

Centa-Star uses innovative IT platform

Experienced bedding manufacturer Centa-Star aims not only to be the most innovative company in the German bedding business but also to play a leading role in the multi-channel sector. To this end, the bedding specialists are using the Loadbee IT platform to send their product descriptions directly and in real time to the detail pages of the retailers linked to the platform. Customers can also see the information at the POS.

Centa-Star presented its new multi-channel strategy at Heimtextil 2018. “Loadbee has been very successful and is regarded by many customers, especially those with their own webshop, as a genuine service”, says Centa-Star Sales Manager Micky Herrmann about his discussions with retailers at Heimtextil.

Today, the complete product range is available online. “In a further step, we will look at integrating visual product information in our sales space.” The company’s plans call for this to be achieved via easy-to-use touchscreens.

How can the trade participate in this solution? To profit from the manufacturer’s product information, all retailers need do is sign up via a registration form on the Load­bee platform. The product information is then streamed to their webshop free of charge.

Moreover, the product information will also be available digitally at the POS. In Frankfurt, Centa-Star presented a sales display that brings the same information from the webshop to the sales area. All customers have to do to receive appropriate product information is scan the bar code on the product, just like at the check-out. Given that sales personnel frequently have insufficient space at their disposal, this means that customers in the shop can still obtain the information they need quickly and easily

Further information: Centa-Star’s Managing Director, Thomas Müller, spoke about Loadbee and its benefits for the POS and retailer websites during Heimtextil 2018.

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