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Interview with Tela’s Design from Portugal

Tela’s Design is a design studio specializing in home textile design and based in Portugal. For the last 21 years, they have been offering a wide range of services and products to clients from all over the world. We talked to Design Director and CEO Carlos Oliveira about how Tela’s Design meets the needs of their customers by using the Heimtextil Trend Book to benefit the creative processes.

Mr. Oliveira, what is special about Tela’s Design and what are your customers particularly happy about when working with you?
Colour, design and detail are the main elements that make us one of the best and most successful textile design studios in the world. We attach great importance to our design approach, which is strongly oriented to the wishes of our customers. We try not only to meet the needs of the target market, but also to fit in with the client’s specific profile. This focus naturally leaves our customers happy, because, in most cases, their product sells quickly.

The designers at Tela’s Design use the Heimtextil Trend Book in their work on new designs. What do you particularly appreciate about this source of inspiration?
Yes, we use your book of trends, as, together with other sources, we find it a reliable guide and we recognize that it is important to us. It is full of details that support the research and creativity of our designers. For example, the colour palettes are reflected in our patterns.

Which one of the five trend themes is the most inspiring in your eyes? The playful PURSUE PLAY scenario or finding refuge from the hectic pace of modern life with SEEK SANCTUARY, doing without the screen and the web and taking on new challenges with OFF-GRID, escaping into a digital universe with ESCAPE REALITY or rethinking your attitude to luxury with EMBRACE INDULGENCE?
For us ‘Seek Sanctuary’ is the most inspiring theme. We are focused on this theme because we think that, at the moment, people seek peace and calm after their frenetic days at work. With this theme, we try to bring calmness to the interiors of their houses through the soft and neutral colours reflected in their bedding and decoration, in symbiosis with delicate and sophisticated patterned motifs.

About the Heimtextil Trend Book
The Trend Book contains all the important information and background on the latest trends. Comprehensive text and image material provide a detailed view of the trends and make it possible to use them specifically for your own collection. The Trend book can be ordered here.

Header photo: Pattern by Tela’s Design with colour palette ©Tela’s Design

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