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25hours Frankfurt The Goldman

The 25hours Hotel Frankfurt The Goldman makes a colourful statement that contrasts sharply with the samey look often favoured by hotels. This hotel in Frankfurt’s Ostend, close to the new European Central Bank, is made up of two parts with contrasting guest rooms. We wanted to know more about the design concept of this extraordinary hotel and spoke with Michael Dreher, Interior Designer of 25hours hotels.

The hotel writes, “… not off the peg but custom-made for every location.” What exactly is the thinking behind this concept – for Frankfurt? How do guests experience the city through the hotel?
The city is represented by personalities who have played a certain role in Frankfurt. However, we do not use the really big names, such as Joschka Fischer, but rather people who are or were just as important for Frankfurt. This gives guests an unexpected impression of a city that transcends the established skyscraper and ‘apple-wine’ image.

What is the idea of 25hours Frankfurt The Goldman when it comes to ‘individualisation’. How has that been implemented in 97 rooms?
‘Individualisation’ refers to the stories of the individual personalities, which are reflected by the lights, wallpaper, pictures and curtains.

What colour concept did you use?
Taken as a whole, love was, of course, one of the main themes running through the stories of our Frankfurt personalities. Consequently, all these stories are located on the red floor. In the end, the result was suitable colours for similar stories. It’s best if guests find out for themselves in the hotel which colours stand for which themes.

How fashionable can and should a hotel be?
Naturally, a hotel wants to be fashionable. However, it cannot be fashionable! A hotel must mature. It must emerge as a young woman and gradually develop into a grand dame. That is the way! All others who let themselves be tempted are fallen women.

Are there ‘earmarked’ boundaries where interior design has to give way to the needs of efficiently functioning hotel operations?
Of course! “A chair is a chair is a chair”, if I may adapt Gertrude Stein.

What role do curtains, carpets, decorative cushions and fabrics play in this?
A leading role! They are what make using the room a positive experience. This is where I provide guests with surfaces that generate a certain cocooning effect. “You are a stranger in town but I will take care of you.” Thus, through the choice of colours and materials, I can point things familiar in a new direction.

Please describe the style of the hotel in three sentences.
The 25hours The Goldman is kind to people. It is sometimes very idiosyncratic and contradictory. After 10 years, the hotel has become self-assured.

Is there anything else to be said?
Come as you are!

Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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