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Mysterious Libertine

The Libertine Lindenberg, the second Lindenberg hotel in Frankfurt, is located in the heart of Sachsenhausen. The great affection for this historic part of the town, and a love of ‘Äbbelwoi’ (apple wine) and having a good time here, is reflected in the way that the hotel’s seven floors are designed and furnished.

With the lightest of touches, contrasting decorative themes are offset against each other throughout the hotel. This creates a complex mix of visual sensations for guests and inspires them to feel that they’ve found a temporary ‘home from home’. At the Libertine Lindenberg, guests can stay for just one night or a whole year (and for any length of time in between).

The living concept is designed so as to encourage a culture of sharing, and guests can be flexible in deciding whether they want to socialise in the common rooms or have their own private space. The Libertine Lindenberg has 27 one- and two-bedroom suites, including six maisonettes, and an exclusive three-room suite on the top floor – as well as a recording studio, a gym, a communal kitchen or ‘cooking landscape’, a small shop and a living-room café that is also open to non-residents.

Who is Libertine?
“Libertine is a fictional character. When we designed the hotel we asked ourselves what kind of person could live or could have lived in this place. The figure of Libertine enables us to visualise her life story: she is a strong woman with a past; the course of her life is anything but straightforward; she is the embodiment of contrasts and flaws; she is stubborn and off-beat, and she fires our imagination”, says Kathi Kaeppel, Interior Designer at Studio Kaeppel. Thus, Kathi Kaeppel’s interior furnishing scheme incorporates playful details, broken up by mysterious touches, and all the suites incorporate the dual elements of sun and shade. In order to achieve this, all the furnishings and objects have been finished in delicate pastel colours as well as the warmest of blacks: they reflect the dark chapters in Libertine’s life as well as her light-hearted moments.

Digitally Crafted
The interior furnishings and accessories have been designed exclusively for Libertine by international brand names, German labels and idiosyncratic designers and artists, and have been produced to the highest standards. Libertine is in love with every corner of her house and demonstrates this with lavish textiles, coarse-knit fabrics and delicate needlework. All the Lindenberg products have been made by hand under the supervision of the designers and their workshops – from the hand-knotted carpets made by the company, Fashion for Floors, from the Rif Mountains in Morocco, to Berlin label Lore Folk’s textiles, which have been fashioned into cushions, hot water bottles, aprons and hotel uniforms. Box spring beds from Finnish manufacturer Fennobed give guests a good night’s sleep and all the comfort of home. These too are all made by hand and to order, as are the bedcovers and cushions that adorn them. The graphic apple and diamond patterns, which proliferate across the entire building in a wide variety of materials, can be seen on the textile wall panels, the embroideries on the furniture, the wrought-iron banisters and railings, and even on the bed linen.

The look and feel of the hotel was paramount when the interior accessories were chosen. It is for this reason that, among other things, the walls of the building are embellished with wall hangings by Columbian illustrator Stefhany Yepes Lozano and shaded still life pictures by Berlin artist Levke Leiß. Ultimately it is the inspiring interior of the imaginative Libertine Lindenberg that promises you an exciting time in Frankfurt.

Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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