Dienke Dekker: woven art from The Netherlands

Yarns, paper and plastic tape: Dienke Dekker would like to use every possible material for her woven objects – or so it seems. This young designer from The Netherlands is an exceptionally gifted craftswoman and a clever artist. And she loves stripes. In her work, she explores how woven patterns can be structured, combines the most diverse materials and one of her projects deals with the weaving of three-dimensional objects. This gives rise to delicate, very aesthetic sculptures.“I love mixing things. So, for instance, I use new materials such as plastic barrier tape for traditionally hand-woven material or carefully handcrafted yarns on industrial machines. I also experiment with three-dimensional textile forms and bring sculptural elements into the woven cloth,” is how this personable woman describes her work. “Often to achieve a specific effect you have to proceed very deliberately – but sometimes it’s pure accident that creates the designs,” says Dienke Dekker.

In 2012, Dienke completed her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Man and Living department and has recently worked with companies such as Kinnasand. Many international exhibitions and publications tell of the talent and creativity of this young artist. For the Heimtextil ‘Theme Park’, Dienke has designed a room, which will be both a living space and a studio. It is in this room that she will be working during the trade fair – and for Dienke this means weaving first and foremost. She enjoys that fact that you can very quickly achieve exciting results with hand weaving. She says the process is very flexible and frequently surprising. Hand-woven fabrics can then be elaborated on industrial machines. That is the dialogue in which Dienke thinks and works. She builds a bridge between pure hand weaving and industrial production – or vice versa. For her ‘research’, she crafts artistic prototypes or rather prototypical works of art!

In the coming days, visitors to Heimtextil can see Dienke Dekker at work in the Trend Forum (Hall 4.0). What a privilege!


Kerstin Böhning

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