Digital printing meets high-end design

Kornit loves a creative collaboration. Particularly when it involves showcasing the design talents of internationally renowned brands such as Turnowsky, and printing them using chemistry and advanced digital technology.

This edition of Heimtextil 2016, they have set up shop with a selection of home textiles and furniture applications that feature digital prints created for Turnowsky’s Flowers of Grace (FOG 4.0) Collection, designed exclusively by the brand’s Creative Director, Ira Avezov, and printed with Kornit´s digital textile printer Allegro.

“No matter how good your idea is, you need the ability to turn it into something”

Inspired by the juxtaposition of ‘living’ rainforests and ‘static’ urban environments, the series explores an exquisite and detailed collection of vector-based floral illustrations that resonate birds and butterflies, layered with photo realistic images of textures such as concrete, marble and glass. FOG for Kornit, introduces realistic images as an integral part of the design for the very first time.

“At Turnowsky, we know how to design. But no matter how good your idea is, you need the ability to turn it into something – a beautiful dress, a scarf, a piece of furniture,” explains Ira. “The unique color gamut and flexibility of the Kornit Allegro allows this transformation, with no compromise in the design quality.

“[The Allegro’s] ability to deliver literally every grain of sand and every color in the rainbow, offers a wonderful spectrum of possibilities to creative minds,” Ira continues. “The production speed, on the other hand, allows for considerable productivity and competitiveness.”

“Kornit has made it possible to deliver our designs”

For Turnowsky, textile printing is a newer venture amongst the brand’s many successes. The company, known for specialising in luxury paper designs since 1940, took the leap and expanded in textiles as well as interior, fashion, and other fields, extending their internationally acclaimed creative tradition.

“We were thinking of expanding for quite a while, often hearing from our customers, ‘I wish I could have [your designs] as a scarf!’ or, ‘This would make a perfect cushion!’ However, our designs, rich and vibrant in multi-layered colors, aren’t easy to produce using traditional textile printing methods.

Once we saw the extraordinary color results and outstanding quality achieved with Kornit’s technology, we knew that it would be a great opportunity to showcase our designs in the best way. Kornit has made it possible to deliver our designs to fabric uncompromised, for the first time.”

Kornit can be found at Heimtextil, Hall 4, Booth D25 from January 12 to 15, 2016.

Source: Kornit Digital Printing GmbH

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