Doing what they want: UON

Three Spaniards who’ll fly you to the moon.

“Everything is linked with everything else,” says Ana Ruiz Montero. She is the twin sister of her business partner Raquel Ruiz Montero. The third member of the group is Curro de la Hera Sola. The Spaniards are presenting their label UON this year at Heimtextil for the first time. The three combine their origins in their designs: art, graphic design and architecture. They get their inspiration from each other and from nature. The motifs of their work oscillate between the substantive and the abstract, playing equally enthusiastically with both, with blossoms or structural elements.Everything acquires a magical aura. “Of course, we are aware of the trends and the colourways that will determine the upcoming season. But we do what we want to do,” explains Ana. Sometimes it is relatively loud and powerful, then the designs become softer, gentler again. It is like a wave. The creative background noise at UON is harmonious and inspirational. It is really good that they have shifted across from the world of fashion to that of home textiles and soft furnishings.


You can meet UON in Hall 4.2, Stand E 94.



Kerstin Böhning

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