Elegant eroticism from Belgium: subtile sensuality by Divine Marquise

Playing with eroticism: the new collection of Divine Marquise

During the day, the bed linen looks almost pure white. When the sun has gone down, a naked woman can be seen lying there. This is the sophisticated effect of the phosphorescent printing technique used by the French-Belgium company, Divine Marquise, for its ‘L’Envol’ collection. In the ‘Songes de Marie’ collection, the bed-linen manufacturer offers the elegant eroticism of a bygone age. In an art-nouveau motif, this eroticism shimmers through but is never vulgar. “We play with the subject of eroticism. To do so, you must be very careful, sensitive and humorous. Otherwise it can quickly become rather crude”, says proprietor and designer Annabel Fournier explaining her idea for giving the bedroom a new lease of life with sexy bed linen.

Delicate but never vulgar: Divine Marquise gets inspired by old Art Nouveau designs.

The high quality of the cotton and linen fabrics used (all made in Belgium) is also one of the main aspects of the company’s philosophy. Divine Marquise’s products represent a seductive invitation. Each collection is based on art-historical motifs that have been developed in cooperation with artists, illustrators, decorators and designers. Sensuality has always been a source of creativity and art. It is a universal energy – and the Divine Marquise products hold out the promise of great success.

Divine Marquise is in Hall 11.1, stand A 71

Kerstin Böhning

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