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Romantic surroundings – asleep or awake

Romantic surroundings – asleep or awake

A home from home

Martina Müller-Frasch is very keen for her guests to feel at home. As the director (or host as she prefers to call herself) of the Eurotheum in Frankfurt puts it: “Guests often don’t really want to be away from home, so we try to make their stay here just that little bit more pleasant for them.”

Traditional design in an apartment First of all, the Eurotheum is an award-winning, 31-storey skyscraper in Frankfurt’s banking district, designed by architects Novotny Mähner & Associates in Offenbach.

From the 22nd to the 29th floor it houses the Premium Suites, which are operated by Inn Side Hotel GmbH.

It is mainly business people that book into the total of 74 light and airy, air-conditioned apartments and suites. The suites are between 35 and 75 square metres in size. There are nine layouts and five different styles, which range from the traditional to the romantic and the hyper-modern.


Traditional design in an apartment

Traditional design in an apartment

The fantastic view of the Frankfurt skyline, which can be enjoyed from the individual suites, is particularly impressive.

In addition, guests have access to 24-hour service, for the Premium Suites are apartments which are much more than what might normally be described as a ‘hotel room’ or ‘furnished flat’.

For guests who like things classical. The catchword is ‘service living’: “In our hotel, what the guests appreciate above all, besides the obvious amenities of our special apartments, is the personal service.

As they are always pressed for time, we relieve them of as many of the little chores as possible. We not only clean the rooms and do the washing; we also run errands and do the shopping. We help them with information about agencies, local offices and schools – or we are just there for a chat”, says Müller-Frasch. As the guests come mainly from the business world, there is a business centre with five conference suites available to them. If they want a drink after a meeting or before going to bed, guests can go to the 22nd lounge, a bar which won prizes in both 2007 and 2008.

For guests who like things classical

For guests who like things classical

A further special feature is the glass lift on the outside of the building, which transports guests between the underground garage, reception, bar and apartments. But there is no need always to stop off at reception. As Müller-Frasch says, “Another important feature for our guests is discretion. They do not have to keep passing through reception; they can take the lift straight to their apartment. That way our guests have the feeling of being at home rather than in a hotel. Exactly as the concept envisages it.”


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