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Lounge sofa „CO9“ of the Dutch brand Fatboy (Photos: Fatboy)

It’s not only at Easter time that this cheery little fellow may become an object of desire. He answers to the name of “CO9” – which is a play on the word ‘coney’ (as in ‘rabbit’) in English, and comes from the pen of artist Florentijn Hofman, who created him for the Dutch brand Fatboy. Products of this kind are seen by people in the Netherlands as a recipe for combating boredom when furnishing the living space. For ‘The Bunny’ not only serves as a decorative element, but also represents a functionally comfortable lounge sofa, on which the owners can really stretch out. For anyone who has a lot of room and often welcomes large numbers of guests the choice has to be the XL version of ‘The Rabbit’, a glorious five metres in length. But even the XS version, at just two metres, offers enough room to lounge and chill out. As for those who insist that a sofa is a sofa is a sofa – Fatboy will soon disabuse them. And, as befits any self-respecting rabbit, the sofa is also perfectly capable of spending the night outside – thanks to its hard-wearing, soft ‘skin’ in stonewashed cotton; and, as a result, turns out to be a really popular character. When all is said and done, the whole issue of ‘outdoor living with luxury’ is one of today’s mega trends.

With their „Non-Flying Carpet“ Fatboy has laid some fabulous carpets beneath our feet

It is not for nothing that Fatboy has had further thoughts on outside living, and created, with their ‘Non-Flying Carpet’, another product for the market, that will soon find an enthusiastic fan base. As in one of the stories from the Thousand and One Nights, the company has laid some fabulous carpets beneath our feet. As these rugs are also equipped with bright red buttons, different examples can be joined together, as required. The physical constraints of the space available are all that need limit the imagination. The anti-slip backing makes the product ideal for sitting on grass. There is even a special version, which can be fixed to the ground with tent pegs and has provision for a parasol to be put in the middle. All ready for the summer!

Both examples show that, with a sufficiently creative interpretation, even everyday objects can be given a whole new slant.

Rita Breer

Nina Jung

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