Feathr: Innovative wallpaper design in small runs

More art, less decoration is the credo

Like the charming duo above, the original trio on the right is also represented at Frankfurter Messe’s Heimtextil in January. They come from England, trade under the name of Feathr and are well ahead of the game when it comes to wall covering.

“At the moment, natural elements are setting real trends in interior design, be they photorealistic or distorted images, or collages. Nature is an important theme and a genuine source of inspiration”, says Tom Puukko, founder of the label (far right in the photo).

“In Frankfurt we are showcasing a selection of new designs such as this one by Claire Luxton, and by Reeta Ek, who plays with abstract rose patterns. “Green is our ultimate trend colour”, says Puukko. We are rather more inspired by the combination of pink and rust red.

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