Float on clouds and sleep on air with ErgoVitalis

Like floating on clouds: Ergofit Air Sleep System has no pressure points at all.

Testing it says more than a thousand words. Explanations are superfluous for anyone who gives the ErgoVitalis team the chance to demonstrate the Ergofit Air Sleep System, a system that lets you relax as if floating on clouds. And that’s what it feels like when you rest on the three air chambers. Based in the Palatinate region of Southwest Germany, the company holds the patent on sleep systems that provide significant relief for pain patients because air means there are no pressure points.

The combination of natural latex (or cold foam), bio cotton, air and solid beech wood adapts precisely to the body by supporting and giving way simultaneously. Additionally, the air pressure, i.e., the degree of hardness, can be adjusted individually. Thus, for example, pregnant women can let a little air out of the sleep system for a softer bed throughout the nine months and then return to a firmer bed after the birth. Changes in weight can also be compensated for without any loss of sleeping comfort. The logic is impeccable: a bed with no pressure points means no pressure on the joints, the muscles can relax fully while the circulation remains unimpeded. Not even flying is more pleasant!

ErgoVitalis is exhibiting in Hall 8, Stand K 50

Kerstin Böhning

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