For the first time in convex shape: Nya Walls

Nya Walls

Nya Nordiska, one of the leading textile editeurs worldwide, presents
the novelties of the collection line Nya Walls. The textile company, located in Lower Saxony, is showing a preview of the new fair booth designed by Staab Architects, Berlin, in hall 3.1 B80. The presentation aims at focusing the attention of visitors to the product innovation Nya Walls which has been already awarded 7 design prizes.

With this novelty, an entirely new casting method allows the
transmission of delicate textile structures onto a solid wall panel. For this year’s
showcase in Frankfurt, Staab Architects used Nya Walls to create a three-dimensional
sculpture and on this occasion designed their first trade fair booth: Nya Walls is
presented for the first time in a curved shape by using three cylinders which are
arranged to a frame. For this purpose, ca. 140 panels are casted in a thermoplastic
manufacturing process in tight radii, thus realizing convex bent external walls.
Nya Walls are produced in three designs Tiziano Panel, Escriba Panel and
Prado Panel, each available in 10 metal colours, in the format width 92 cm x height
72 cm. The premium furniture manufacturer Performa, Heilbronn, used these carrier
panels in the 3 designs for covering the fair booth counters.

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