Foss Flakes: inspired by snow

Just a perfect balance of presence and absence of design: Floss Flakes

Just a perfect balance of presence and absence of design: Floss Flakes

What is the key? Cultural influence? A national peculiarity? A matter of taste? Who can say? At all events, it is absolutely fascinating how Scandinavian designers are able to create this special style and make the interplay of colour, lines and light their very own. There is a design that only the Scandinavians can master. Foss Flakes from Denmark is a (good) example of this.The company makes filling material, as well as the pillows and duvets it goes into. And, for the filling, took its inspiration from snowflakes, the cool beauty of which is reflected by its products – products that are also distinguished by clever charm and high quality. Floss Flakes has patented the filling composition and manufacturing process and uses only 100 % organic cotton for the cases. What feels like soft down is a blend of polyethylene and polyester.

The company’s products are split into two main lines: ‘Sleep’ with traditional pillows and duvets and ‘Family’ for maternity pillows, baby pillows and giant U-shaped pillows for side sleepers. All products are ideal for allergy sufferers and use in the contract sector. Everything is transparent and easy to understand, clearly structured and perfectly designed. All made in Denmark. And, also characterised by wonderful Scandinavian design: the shop-in-shop systems offered by Foss Flakes.

Foss Flakes presents Scandinavian design for bedding in Hall 8.0, Stand A87.


Kerstin Böhning

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