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New exhibitors for animal textiles at Heimtextil 2018

They bring life into the home and are frequently the most loyal of companions – more and more cats and dogs share our apartment or house. But what to do if standard animal furnishings do not fit in with your tastefully decorated home, i.e., if the dog bed looks a bit out of place next to the designer sofa? The trouble is, furnishings for cats and dogs should be practical. Naturally, the best solution is when owners and their pets are happy with everything and can delight in living and playing together.

At Heimtextil 2018, a new group of exhibitors will present solutions to this problem in a special show entitled ‘All About Pets’. For example, Switzerland’s Laboni will be showing enchanting utensils, toys and washable dog beds. We spoke with Friederike Erhorn, founder and CEO of Laboni, about four-legged happiness and the products they will be showing at the fair.

Your collections have already received several gold design awards: the Laboni dog beds are so attractive that they alone are a reason to get a pet. What distinguishes your beds for our four-legged friends?

Firstly, thank you for the splendid compliment. The distinguishing feature of our collection is that it combines exquisite design with a great functionality, as well as being aimed at the needs of both dog and owner. When it comes to choosing the materials, it is not only the aesthetic qualities that count but also the practical ones. After all, this is what really matters in everyday life with a dog.

For our design creations, we solely use materials from leading suppliers, which are normally only to be found in the luxury collections of renowned furniture makers. Our high-grade covers are water and dirt resistant and can even be used outdoors because we rely on permanently colour-fast, spun-dyed materials from experienced manufacturers. Thanks to the intricate weave structure and the high thread density, dog hairs cannot penetrate the fabrics and are easy to vacuum off. Another advantage of the densely woven structure is a fabric that is strong and highly resistant to scratching at the same time as being pleasant to touch.

As part of the design process, we analysed and took account of a variety of dog breeds and sizes. Thus, most dogs like a low entry and a head rest. Small and medium sized dogs like protective sides while Great Danes prefer to relax by stretching out fully.


Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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