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Will this be the year of change for architects too?

According to a study by market research company Appinio, on behalf of nextMedia.Hamburg, one in three Germans is expected to own virtual reality (VR) glasses by next year. This will change not only the German cityscape, but also many areas of life and working sectors, such as the architects’ Profession.

As an architect, have you asked yourself yet what changes you will encounter? The digitalisation of your sector is making rapid progress; much has changed in the past few decades, but today we have reached another milestone, with immersive technologies moving into everyday work and daily life. According to the September 2017 study commissioned by nextMedia.Hamburg, around 20 percent of people surveyed are planning to buy VR glasses for private or professional purposes in 2018. That said, 8 percent of Germans do already own such a gadget. 1,100 Germans between the ages of 18 and 68 completed the survey. A further exciting finding from this study is that 83 percent of respondents have already tried out VR glasses or are at least planning to do so in the future.


We conducted an interview with VR expert Frank Steinicke. He stressed that “present-day VR glasses are still clearly too bulky and uncomfortable for people to wear in day-to-day life. However, if these glasses can be reduced to the size of sunglasses, we will undoubtedly see more and more and, eventually, very many people wearing these glasses every day.” Their increasing relevance becomes apparent if you compare the study with one which was also conducted by nextMedia in 2015: a niche topic has become a mass phenomenon in the space of a few years.

A change in architects’ everyday working life

But what does such an influx of VR glasses mean for your everyday working life? Clients are becoming ever more the architects of their own spaces; using Apps, they can easily plan and design much of their own interiors. With the aid of VR glasses, your customers will not need any kind of professional assistance in future, because they’ll be able to inhabit individual spaces and experience them virtually, in the way they imagine them. As an architect, do you think that this is just a horror scenario, or will it soon become a reality?

Architects need to gear themselves up, if they too are to continue to play a part in the future.

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