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We all need some peace and quiet at times!

Open-plan offices, concert halls, meeting rooms: there are moments when we need peace and quiet. Or, to put it a better way, less noise! Sound insulation is becoming an ever more important factor in everyday life – whether in the private, public or professional sphere. Gerriets Acoustics is a company offering intelligent textiles for these situations.

Whether it is a question, in modern offices, of acoustically separating different work areas or of creating meeting islands: with the right textiles for improving interior acoustics it is possible to generate beneficial situations.

What was previously out of the question is now possible: a combination of light-flooded rooms and perfect acoustics. Translucent yet highly absorbent textiles from Gerriets Acoustics use micro-slits in the fabric to absorb the sound. In this way the reverberation time is reduced in the room concerned and speech is better understood. This relaxes the people involved, for it ensures a high level of comfort in the room. The Absorber Light series from Gerriets is made for large and small windowed facades and has an extremely high level of absorption, while ensuring plenty of light in the room. If you want to darken the room and absorb the sound, Absorber CS is the answer. While the Woolserge Office series, made of 100% wool, combines a natural feel and modern design with outstanding acoustic values. And it has a positive impact on the indoor climate, since humidity in the interior air is collected by the natural wool and released out again. Creating a room within a room using Woolserge Office is not only very attractive, but extremely efficient – for successful working!

With its Interior Acoustic Solutions Gerriets offers a series of specific textiles, made to its customers’ individual requirements. You can see them at Heimtextil 2018 at the Interior.Architecture.Hospitality Expo, in Hall 4.2. Here selected exhibitors will be showing their range of products, with a focus on “customised”: these are individual textile solutions for interior design, architecture and hotel interiors.


Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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