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Longing for texture, haptic experience and transformation

Touching, feeling, sensing is a human need. Brain researchers have been emphasising for years how important it is to “grasp” things in the proper meaning of the word if we are to understand the world. In this digital age, particularly in the home, a longing for tactile experience is growing. A good deal has been happening in the textile segment over the last few years – if, a  few years ago, artificial silk was the innovation par excellence, now its successors are surprising us with new structures, coatings and textures which are thoroughly enjoyable.

One new development is that of collagen-like texture combinations which create a naive and playful sense of attraction. Fluffy, porous, bouncy – many of the new designs are reminiscent of children’s toys, transformed into objects which adults enjoy, too. Outdoor clothing is becoming, in the true sense of the word, “socially presentable.” These robust and functional fabrics are of an aesthetic quality which is both elegant and useful, and their hard-wearing and practical features are truly impressive.

Chez Nina by India Mahdavi for Nillufar Gallery ©Heimtextil Trend Book

High-pile textiles, the finest hand-woven silk and fluffy velvet fabrics emit a sensual warmth, invite us to envelop ourselves in them like a cocoon, and to surrender ourselves totally to the sensual experiences of feeling and seeing. Hand-made textures with unexpected material combinations create a sense of tactile attraction.

Learn more about the new materials along the “Embrace Indulgence” trend topic at Heimtextil, in the exhibition and at the talks in the Trend Space, Hall 3.0.


Stefan Jakob

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