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Luxurious fabrics with splendid motifs and decorative wallpapers with a show effect: Heimtextil 2020 showed the trends towards maximumism, intensive colours and artistic prints in a great variety. In demand are designs that the fashion, furnishing and lifestyle market can use in equal measure. Discover a selection of exhibitors who were represented in Frankfurt with corresponding wallpapers, fabrics, carpets and decorations.

The recourse to glamorous ages past also brings to interiors patterns for curtains and furniture that range from the bold to the playful and are taken from the world of fashion (Pala Suni Deri, Karin Sajo, Grandeco Wallfashion Group). Original artwork (Sooshichacha) or sophisticated, woven fabric images are used for cushions and curtains (Woven Art Company). The patterning’s artistic side comes to the fore. Cushions with abstract faces in the style of Picasso (Alfred Apelt, Gardisette) are also part of this current and convey a touch of artistic sophistication. In addition, we find prints for wallpaper that use water colour techniques (Eijffinger) and are even created as unique pieces in cooperation with artists (Feathr Oy).

Maximalism increases in popularity
From a new upsurge in grandeur, luxury and splendour, there emerge a number of highly expressive images, that have spread across wallcoverings and upholstery fabrics. Jungle motifs are eyecatchers in every respect (Parato, Safeco); so too are modern representations of flora and fauna (Clarke & Clarke, Gardisette), exotic animals (Nooteboom Textiel, Pintail International), animal prints (Castilla Textil), insects (Safeco), peonies and parrots (Alfred Apelt). Maximalism also dominated the ‘Window & Interior Decoration’ section, with a bold, electric mix of designs. More textiles, more decoration, more wallcoverings, more humour – anything and everything seems possible.

DecoTeam deliberately set out to achieve a real sensation with an extraordinarily striking flowered wallpaper, creating a quite different look. The showy effect of the enlarged design in the design for the wall, with its Middle Eastern allusions, was a planned contrast to the more modest tranquillity of the plain fabrics from Castilla Textil.

The greatly enlarged floral wallcoverings from B&B Fabrics provide a real statement for a hotel lounge setting. Huge floral patterns on sound-absorbing textured wallpaper (Adawall Wallpaper Factory) were just as impressive as the extensive views of gardens in bloom, displayed on the wall hangings from Nooteboom Textiel. Textiles Joyper caught people’s attention with their tiger motif, enlarged by 300 percent. Then again, the life-size bull-fight scenes, realised as digital prints, was the flagship product for Artica Textile (4.1). Above all, the extremely large, floral printed patterns on curtain fabrics (Comersan), on wallpapers (Ohpopsi) and rugs (Essenza Home) made it clear that strong motifs and statement colours have a future.

Tired of grey furniture
Beyond the large patterns, colour returns to the landscape of the living room. “Colour is back” was also DecoTeam’s motto, who, with their ‘Colourful’ theme, promulgated some intense colours. With gold, copper, ruby, amethyst and intense, dark greens and blues, such as petrol, an elegant world of colour emerged – in stark contrast to the minimalistic colour palette of Scandinavian mood boards in light or muted wood tones, natural shades and earthy colours. An imaginatively papered wall, cushions and pouffes in contrasting colours, all daringly arranged – colour brings movement into living rooms and has, perhaps, even got the potential to challenge the supremacy of the grey-in-grey of upholstered accessories and seating (SIC Global Textile). Greys are softened with pink, light blue and turquoise. Above all, saturated shades of yellow form a bridge from natural or neutral tones to a greater use of colour.

Prächtige Motive von Style Library.

The sources of inspiration for the second decade are reminiscent of the golden 20s, a hundred years ago. Magnificent wallpapers with Jugendstil designs (Morris & Co/Style Library) or peacock-eye motifs (Nooteboom Textiel, Sanderson – Caspian/Style Library), the elegant resplendence of metal (Komar Products) or elegant textured patterns (Grandeco Wallfashion Group), fabrics with glittering sequins (Verhees Textiles) and cords with a matt sheen (Tassel & Trim) tempt us to indulge ourselves and enthuse over times gone by. A golden yellow adds a touch of luxury. Key to the impression of luxury, however, are velvet fabrics, on which the new colours really come into their own (Ashley Wilde Group).

Headerphoto: Safeco.

Edda Simon

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