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Innovations in fabrics, carpet and wallpaper

Little pollutants, less waste, no chemical odor and best for allergy sufferers: The Heimtextil exhibitors with furniture and decorative fabrics, upholstery and imitation leather, carpets and wallpaper set the focus in 2019 clearly on the protection of our health and the scarce environmental resources.

With regard to fabrics, leather and the contract business in Hall 4, the themes of health
and sustainability came to fore here. This trend was expressed partly in the numerous new products related to recycling, upcycling and cradle to cradle. Innovators such as Trevira CS and Antex focused on new processes and used marine waste such as fishing nets and PET bottles as raw materials for their recyclable yarns. The vegan trend is embraced among other things by Asahi Kasei with a high-quality silk fabric, which is obtained from the core of cotton. The company Froca, on the other hand, presented its nanotechnology-based innovation, a Teflon-free upholstery fabric line that can be cleaned with pure water.

Easy transport reduces CO2
A rethink of carpets is also taking place: suppliers such as Toucan-T presented PVC, latex and bitumen-free solutions that save around 12,600 tonnes of waste and 70,000 barrels of crude oil per 10,000 tonnes of raw material. The growing trend towards carpet tiles also offers more than just design advantages over rolled goods. This is because the smaller packaging units reduce CO2 values simply by improving transport options.

Textiles and floor coverings that are characterised by their health-promoting aspects are also in demand. Products by exhibitors such as Tecnografica, Cerda Fabrics and Essegomma are odourless, breathable, antibacterial and anti-allergenic. They have sound-absorbing abilities and/or clean the air in the room thanks to their special characteristics. Suppliers such as Höpke are marking the paradigm shift in the elderly and care sector with particularly easy-care and at the same time attractive fabrics.

Nearly all wallpaper manufacturers presented their technical innovations in odorless materials in Hall 3.1, where they presented a worldwide unique range of wallpapers and wall coverings under the title “Wall Decoration”.


Edda Simon

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