‘Heimkaer’ – or the yearning for home

Ann Højgaard Slot knits stories

Her biggest inspiration is the landscape of her native land – the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. They lie between the British Isles, Norway and Iceland and what is there is mostly rock, grass and sheep. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful, wild, rugged, mystical. This is where Ann grew up. And she expresses the connection to her homeland and her love for it in her work.A textiles designer and teacher, she makes high-quality cushions and throws from 100% merino wool. Using a sophisticated knitting technique, she manages to create a very effective plasticity in the fabric. It gives the cushions that very special ‘rock-like look’. Each one is an individual piece and Ann never knows exactly in which direction the fabric will take her. Each cushion is a work of art for the sofa. The throws, in patterns taken from the traditional regional costumes of the islands’ inhabitants, provide a romantic complement. The colours of ‘Heimkaer’ are natural and finely matched to one another. What does Heimkaer mean? Very freely translated, it means something like “the love of one’s homeland”.

You can chat with Ann Højgaard Slot in Hall 11.0, Stand B06



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