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Torhaus, Messe Frankfurt

2,634 exhibitors (+2,4 per cent) from 61 countries experienced their première event 2012 in a very good mood. 

Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board at Messe Frankfurt, concludes: “Exhibitors assessed the success of their presentations to a high degree (84 per cent) as satisfying & highly satisfying (2011: 77 per cent). Visitors showed even higher degrees of satisfaction – 92 per cent highly rated the quality of the products offered and the results of their visit to Heimtextil.” 

Against this positive background of industry spirit, it became clear, that buyers from the trades, design and manufacturing companies eventually decided to visit by smaller delegation entities. This led to a decrease by around five per cent in visitors’ figures: 70,000 visitors came to Frankfurt (2011: 73,071). “The decrease rose primarily in EU countries where the debt crisis and related economic developments showed an impact”, said Detlef Braun. This mainly concerns, e.g. Italy, Spain, Greece, France and the Netherlands. 

The top ten visiting countries next to Germany are: Italy, Turkey, China, the UK, USA, France, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands and Poland. Countries/regions which showed increased visitors’ figures are: Russia, Middle East countries, Turkey and Far East countries.  Countries from abroad amount up to 64,2 per cent of international visitors (2011: 65,4 per cent). Visitors came from around 130 countries.  

German domestic industry sees indicators for stable returns or slight growth for 2012.

Stefan Jakob

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