Heimtextil Theme Park: EXPLORATIONS

Discover time and space

This year’s Theme Park is devoted fully to the spirit of research. In this digital age, access to information has become common property and enables us to live as we want – albeit lives that tend to be shaped by the temptations of virtual ‘super activity’. In distinction to this is the search for a higher meaning to life or the attempt to (re-)discover nature.

As ever, the Theme Park is a multifarious opportunity to pursue these and many other questions and, perhaps, to find an answer here and there. Without doubt, however, it is the distillate of international trends in the home-textiles field with four main experiential worlds – Virtual, Planetary, Cultural and Natural Explorations – each of which opens a cosmos of materiality, colours, creativity and related ideas, as well as details of the exhibitors taking part. Each piece of fabric has a label pointing the way to a potential project partner.

The Theme Park is unfurling its ideas in Hall 6.0.



Kerstin Böhning

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