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This is the entrance into the world of trends – stepping on liquid stones

Words almost fail me because the images are so powerful. The trends for 2013/14 in Forum 0 are presented in such an extraordinary way that comparisons and references to what went before are impossible. The four worlds of the trend characters – ‘The Historian, The Eccentric, The Inventor und The Geologist – are so impressively staged, so cleverly and fully illustrated that seeing this visionary installation at Heimtextil is a real pleasure. The designers of this area have exceeded the usual level of creativity by a wide margin.

so much to see, to understand and to feel: The Geologist

They seek, they offer, they open rooms where ideas can be developed further. And, they are not simply satisfied with the first best answer. The journey through the four worlds of the Trend Forum has a lasting impact and will undoubtedly inspire and provide lots of material for discussion in the sector. At the Trend Forum, guests and visitors can find information about the exhibitors’ fabrics and wall-coverings used. This is a very practical aspect of the exhibition. It is an extended, animated presentation area for exhibitors whose products are integrated into the four trend worlds. Fantastic, future-oriented, exuberant, intelligent, sustainable, special, full of vitality – slowly, the words are coming back to me.

Very smart chain reactions of The Inventor

The Trend Show 2013/14 is located in Forum 0 and is really worth seeing.

Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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