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What is coming, what is staying? Heimtextil 2015 inspired us with wonderful wallpaper patterns, amazing colours and extraordinary textures. Karsten Brandt, managing director of the German Wallpaper Institute (Deutsches Tapeten-Institut) offers us an exclusive look at the brand new wallpaper collections of the big German manufacturers. Includes video!

Knowing what is coming: the wallpaper trends for 2015
German wallpaper manufacturers begin the new year with a tour de force of creative wall coverings. Whether animal or nature prints, flowers or tendril adaptations, nature sets the tone with its kaleidoscope of colours and myriad of shapes. Refined simplicity may be the dominant theme in interior design, but wallpapers are in no way simple. This year the rule is: the more complex the design, the more reserved the colour. Let us look back at the most popular trends in wallpaper on show at Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main from 14 to 17 January 2015.

Glitter and Glory – Shimmer on the wallTapete_Heimtextil_Marburg_Estelle_01_180
A touch of shimmer is all you need to subtly emphasise designs. The combination, in particular of matt and gloss finishes creates fascinating light effects, accentuated by simple transitions of colour. Occasional shaded tones bring out the intensity of velvet surfaces. The room evokes a sense of understated luxury. Here the rule is: less is sometimes more.

image descriptionTradition Meets modernity – living with Flower Power
Flowers or tendrils: floral patterns remain top due to their design diversity. Flowers have it all – powerful, delicate, soft and loud. Romantically playful, they lend the room a sense of elegance whether as a filigree mille fleurs design or as eye-catching blooms. Interior design with emotion and the perfect riposte to high expectations.

A love of detail – textural sophisticationTapete_Heimtextil_Rasch_Textil_Amira_1_180

The days of simple wallpapers are definitely over! New wallpapers now have textures that are more complex and multi-layered. Finely elaborated motifs emphasise the wall coverings’ high value and elegant appearance. A wallpaper embroidered with precious chenille yarn has a special kind of exclusivity. Liquefied basalt and Lurex yarns are anything but run of the mill and turn any wall into a feature.

Tapete_Heimtextil_P_S_Trend_Edition_2_180Nature calls – German ‘Gemütlichkeit’
This year we still have the natural-looking structures of wood and stone, although with the addition of cork and marble motifs. Coloured animal skins are new along with a playful stamp effect that gives the wallpapers an added sheen. All-over leopard prints in pink or green interpret the colour diversity of the natural world. Filigree ornamentations create a printed effect on faded wooden planks and give the designs an on-trend, rustic feel.

Natural Balance – living with earthy coloursTapete_Heimtextil_Erismann_Ophelia_3_180
Warm tones of earth and spices, like stone red, curry and saffron create a special depth and feeling of secureness. New to the colour range is orange. The nuances are particularly suited to the popular matt-gloss look and can be combined brilliantly with different types of wood. Depending on the colour shade, textile colour transitions transform the motifs into refined elegance or trendy, stylish interiors.

Karsten Brandt, managing director of the German Wallpaper Institute (Deutsches Tapeten-Institut)


Nina Jung

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