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Elske van der Putten, heyheyhey Design Eindhoven: very clever chain reactions!

They inject motion into everyday things and, in doing so, generate some extremely intelligent impulses for the design sector. heyheyhey is a visionary design studio from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, with a portfolio of projects that they find appealing and stimulating. In many cases, these projects result in a commission. Sometimes not. In which case, designer Elske van der Putten and her partner Erik Sjouerman create art. With their benchmark ‘Melvin the Machine’ project, they achieved both. This incredibly intelligent and charming construction of a chain reaction has put the world of pure art far behind it. With this project, the design duo demonstrates their entire repertoire of art, visual communication, classic PR and the intelligent use of online media.

The Inventor in the Trend Forum of Heimtextil: smart (e)motions made by heyheyhey

The idea and the way they implemented it was interesting enough to attract the attention of Ari Vervelde, Creative Director of Stijlinstitut Amsterdam and jointly responsible for the Trend Show at Heimtextil 2013. Hence, visitors to this year’s fair have the great pleasure of seeing five modules of ‘Melvin the Machine’ in ‘The Inventor’ section of the Heimtextil Trends for 2013/14. There, with an installation of substantial size and covering an impressive area, the design team of heyheyhey have succeeded in presenting playful aspects of a chain reaction and in integrating the textile world of the inventor. There, visitors can marvel at the array of colours, as well as the great material modernity and production technology. Triggered by the chain reaction, small parachutes float gently to the ground, umbrellas and windows open, yarns are spun. The installation is wonderful and reaches out to the soul – regardless of whether you look at it as an art lover or entrepreneur – the boundaries are extremely fluent.

Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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