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Natural animal skin products by KAISER

Warm in winter, cool in summer, they even out the temperature differentials: lambskin and sheepskin fleeces are perfect companions when it comes to personal comfort. They are ideally suited to keeping babies and toddlers warm and for people who spend a lot of time outdoors, or who, for other reasons, need to stay warm: perhaps because they are in a wheelchair or are relatively immobile. Kaiser’s natural sheepskin products all come from Germany and Europe.The high-quality lambswool for baby products and medical fleeces have all been checked against the requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1. The company is based in the Westerwald region and has, for over 40 years now, been producing cosy blankets and coverlets, cushions, sleeping bags, slippers and bed shoes, and a host of other things – all of which go to make everyday life softer and warmer. Sofas and armchairs can be designed using their attractive, natural-look or dyed ornamental skins – and they look fabulous as rugs too. Beds can be made a lot more comfortable to sleep on at a stroke: Kaiser manufacture mattress covers two metres by two metres in size and provide for – almost – every possible wish you could have, as far as natural animal skin is concerned.


Kaiser Naturfelle are exhibiting in Hall 8.0, Stand A56.



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