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Things are on the move in the care-home sector. Gone are the days when senior citizens were made to spend their days in sterile rooms. Positive examples, such as Haus Limone by Via Tertia in Offenburg, show that things are different now. Home textiles play a major role in this process.

“We are the first care home here in Germany to work in accordance with the French concept of humanitude, of person-oriented care”, explains Sandra Greiner, head of Haus Limone. The approach, developed by Yves Gineste and Rosette Mariscotti, is very popular in France and French-speaking countries, but unfortunately is still relatively unknown in Germany. The basis of the concept is a particular philosophy: that every person needs a relationship with other people if he or she is to experience him or her self as a human being. Appropriately to the fore comes the quality of interpersonal relationships, expressed through the way of speaking to someone, looking at someone, and touching them.    

The decor of the building supports this approach to care, comprising bright, friendly rooms and meeting places. The guiding idea was to create a place with a family atmosphere, which promotes a sense of wellbeing among elderly people. To design the building to a smaller scale, the 45 single rooms are subdivided into three living areas of 15 rooms each: Arta, Deia and Inca, named after three small localities on Mallorca. The individual areas are distinguished from each other by a coordinated colour concept unique to each.    

Textiles in fresh colours, such as curtains and coverings, make a vital contribution to wellbeing. The decision was made to use particularly hard-wearing and flame-resistant materials from drapilux, which moreover have further additional functions, such as an air-cleansing effect (drapilux air), anti-bacterial (drapilux bioactive) or acoustic (drapilux acoustic) effects, and thus are just right for the particular requirements of a care home.

The reactions of the residents and visitors show that the guiding idea has been successfully put into practice. “The first thing most of them say is that it does not look like a care home at all, but rather as if it were a hotel”, says Sandra Greiner happily.

Rita Breer

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