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While we regret that the textile lover community cannot be together for Heimtextil 2021, this season’s trends directed by SPOTT trends & business remain as relevant as ever. From the comfort of your home office, let us show you the thinking and methodology behind Repurpose, Rewild, Reinforce and Revive, and how they might apply to your business.

Based in Denmark, SPOTT founder Anja Bisgaard Gaede is an expert in lifestyle trend forecasting and understanding consumer behaviour. The unique SPOTT methodology she has developed informs her work as a Heimtextil Trend Council member and beyond. “Through customer analysis based in neuroscience, SPOTT can find the emotional data you need to boost your business. The future is not big data: it is emotional data,” she explains.

Upon seeing the same challenges repeatedly pop up across consumers’ behaviours in recent years, Bisgaard Gaede looked to more broader behavioural trends and neuroscience as a way to explain and predict consumer behaviour. The learning was that segmentation is not as simple as anticipating what platform different demographics use and how they use it, but rather how individuals consume the product they encounter based on their subconscious preferences. It’s not only where they find something, but their immediate feelings about it.

SPOTT methodology works by challenging pre-existing consumer segmentation models in the textile trend space by focusing on the power of emotions. It considers our consumer habits at a neurophysiological level with between 70% to 80% of our buying decisions made in our subconscious mind. SPOTT’s methodology breaks these habits and tendencies down into emotional segmentations:

“Trend” is new, experimental, edgy, and mostly youthful (red)

“Style” is harmonious, conceptual, mainstream and mostly feminine (yellow)

“Classic” is conventional, empowered, powerful and mostly masculine (blue)

“Traditional” is anonymous, functional, loyal and mostly older (green)

When we look to the Heimtextil 21/22 trends, we see Repurpose and Rewild within the yellow “Style” category, Reinforce within the blue “Classic” category” and Revive within the red “Trend” category.

The SPOTT methodology is an approach that’s not only applied to marketing the end product but used throughout the whole product value chain. Most consumers will typically identify with one primary segment’s unique values. While there is some potential for overlap depending on the product, it’s essential to identify one emotional segment to target and hone in on its attributes; otherwise, one runs the risk of muddying the product purpose and messaging, and ultimately turning brown.

“Your customers need to like (if not love) your products. Taking a deep dive into your customers’ emotions gives you the insights you need to match products and customers for a more profitable outcome,” says Bisgaard Gaede.

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Photo: Anja Bisgaard Gaede, SPOTT Trend & Business by Bine Bach Damsgård

Stefan Jakob

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