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"What we do is changing our mind", says Christoph Harrach.

“Sustainable consumption and consumer markets in times of social webs”: this was the title of Christoph Harrach’s speech in the new area in the foyer of halls 5.1/6.1. Christoph Harrach is founder and CEO of “KarmaKonsum” – Trendscouting, Networking and Consulting for a NEW SPIRIT in Business. He talked about the design of life in the “post-collapse-society” and the mainstreaming effects of sustainability. Christoph Harrach once worked with Hess Natur company, one of the pioneers in organic textiles. In his speech, he described that a sustainable way of life can be very fashionable. “Green Glamour” is the headline of a development that – for already some years now – has given up the usual organic looks made of brownish jute fibers.The awareness for a sustainable way of life has arrived in the middle of the society and it has a decisive effect on consumption behavior and purchase decisions. As far as entrepreneurs are concerned, CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) is a central topic of personal development and it is on the job list of the CEOs. Good people want to do good jobs. This is the decisive wish of many – mainly young – people when they are looking for a job. They prefere to sell their energy and creativity to a company that is acting sustainably. The Yoga-teacher Harrach closed his speech by quoting Ghandi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Contact and mor information: www.karmakonsum.de




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