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It is not only the Pad product range that proves to have emotional appeal; so does the imagery in the catalogues.

From zero to hero: in just seven years, Michael and Sasha Rossmann have managed to turn the unknown label ‘Pad’ into an innovative, international home-textile brand with its own individual character. The four seasonal collections every year are full of energy and the love of life shared by their imaginative creators. Whilst Michael Rossmann has a definite feel for unusual mixtures, interior designer Sasha Rossmann, who has a doctorate in her specialism, is more about straight lines and a sense of space and colour. The combination of their two talents results in some unique home textiles to give living spaces their own individual tone.

Just like the basic collection, produced in Europe, all products that originate in Asia are also manufactured in socially acceptable conditions. This strategy, which relies heavily on sustainability, not only represents the corner-stone of their success, but is also set to make the world a slightly better place. And what has emerged is a uniquely hand-crafted collection with a distinctive charm.


The motto of this young company, “Trends to live with”, is particularly in evidence in the matching coordinates.

Soft, cosy bed-coverings with natural motifs are just as much part of it as are the bright, lively cushions in a range of shapes and sizes, which go way beyond any notion of standard dimensions. Bright, upbeat kitchen textiles and fashionable table linen, as well as beach towels and sports bags, now complete Pad’s diversely varied product range.

Rita Breer

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