Illuminated messages in fabric

Malin Bobeck is exhibiting in the Trend Forum

“Places in which to make contact with oneself and with others – that is what I should like to create in the spaces I design. I do it by shifting perspectives, creating fantasy worlds with interactive textiles and animated lighting. I hope that people look back on the experience with a smile on their faces and see the ‘normal’ world in a new light,” says Malin Bobeck, describing her artwork ‘Tactile Refuge’, which is currently being exhibited in the Trend Forum, in Hall 6.0.

The installation transports the observer into a magical, poetical world of silence in a darkened room. From out of the darkness, hundreds of tiny twinkling LED lights call to the observer announcing their message. The central piece of fabric, woven in a teardrop shape at the heart of the room installation, changes colour and brightness, depending on how many hands touch it and how much they do so. Warmth makes the light shine brighter.

The Swedish textile designer lives in Stockholm. She works with textiles that conduct light and has specialised in fibre optics.

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